That is awfully true.  I can hear the words of my grandmother in the back of my head saying “be careful, never say never”. Well here is one of those moments that she was right. I said that I would never have a blog and well. I did it and now I have a blog. I am now culturally savvy and can be deemed as one of those “bloggers”. I am a photographer newbie, but one thing that I love about it is that it is all about the use of light. I am share the beautiful shades of glory that God exposes to us everyday. Because we are busy we often miss the colors of the sidewalk, the dispersion of the clouds peering through a nicely hung blue sky, or the lines on a woman’s face.  I hope to share lifes many shades of glory through the eye of the lense as well as through the twisting and winding roads that I will walk as a I wait for the city that is to come.  I hope our eyes will all be opened so we will see the many shades of glory.